We are part of a leading fire fighting and fire alarm systems organization in the Middle East involved in the design, supply, fabrication, installation and commissioning of fire protection and detection systems. As an organization we provide systems for all classes of buildings, industrial, commercial and residential.
Pink Diamond benefits from the long and successful experience of the organization in fire fighting in the Middle East. As a full service fire, security and Safety Company, offers maintenance, repair and testing services of all forms of fire fighting and protection equipment from our fully equipped workshops, including the recovery of gas and chemical powders and hydrostatic testing of cylinders.
With a complement of fully trained and experienced technicians, engineers and project manager, we are able to undertake all levels and kinds of work related to fire protection, detection and servicing, including the design and installation of sprinkler and other forms of deluge and suppression systems. We also specialize in the design, installation and commissioning of Smoke and Natural Ventilation Systems, Fire Detect automatic Fire Suppression systems.